Accelerated Reader


 What is AR?

AR stands for Accelerated Reader.  Accelerated Reader is a program where students read a book at their level and take a comprehension test on that book.  Currently, students need to score 80% or higher on a test for it to be considered as "passed."  These tests are all available on school computers and can not be accessed at home. 
Reading incentives when they reach a certain goal level:
1st-4th Grade
  • 25% is an extra checkout
  • 50% wins a prize from Mrs. Riccobene
  • 75% receive a restaurant coupon
  • 100% receive a free book
5th Grade:
  • 50% extra check out
  • 75% wins a prize from Mrs. Riccobene
  • 100% receive a restaurant coupon
  • 150%  receive a free book
Renaissance Learning is the company that created Accelerated Reader. 
If you would like more information on AR, please visit

Check out this site, AR Book Find. This website allows you to search for a book that is in your child's reading level and interests.  Keep in mind that books found may not be available at Greywolf Library.  If you have any questions navigating this site, please email me at my school email or call (during the school year) at 582-3314.