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QUESTIONS? . . . OFFICE HOURS- 360-582-3300 (7:30am - 3:30pm)

First Friday of each month is either an Early Release (11:20am) day or a no school day for Teacher Professional Development. Please check the school district calendar and read our Friday Family News updates we send by email. Sequim Schools- District Calendar (LINK) Need a bus? 360-582-3274

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Traveling Out of State:
Please follow Sequim School District Guidelines so you aren't surprise when  you return. - (LINK)

Need current info:  Sequim Schools Health Services Link

NEW! COVID-Central Response Center: 360-582-3433 (9am-3pm)

COVID Central will: (More details were emailed on Oct. 8th)

Incoming Calls:

  • Calls related to COVID coming into the building’s secretaries and Health rooms will be forwarded to COVID Central. 
  • Student absence, for illness or other reasons, not related to COVID still gets reported to your school’s secretary.


Registration ButtonPlease provide proof of address (mortgage, lease agreement, PUD, phone bill) along with a document with your child’s birth name on it, such as birth certificate, social security card, or hospital certificate of birth and vaccination form from your physician. (Helpful WA Health Dept link or WA birth certificate?)

GWE boundaries are between 7th Ave. and Blue Mountain Rd.
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Greywolf: 8:20am drop-off with 8:30 start & 3:00pm Pick-up
 Keep an eye on the Sequim School District webpage for updates
Early Release Days: 11:25am
Greywolf Friday updates are listed under "Our School" Newsletter tab

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The District webpage has the most current information about COVID -
Please check your e-mail 
frequently for GWE and Sequim School District updates.
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