Our School

Greywolf is a
 wonderful school nestled alongside the eastern slopes of the Olympic Mountains.  Our school is fortunate to have 550+ children and
a staff dedicated to ensuring every one of those children
succeeds to their wildest imaginations.

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We enjoy strong community support. On a weekly basis, we have upwards of 45 volunteers in and out of our school. These volunteers help us in every imaginable way.  We also have strong ties to community activities witnessed by our relationship with the local fire department, art museum and national park. This provides our children with opportunities for field trips to many different places that enrich their learning with hands-on activities.  At Greywolf, we are fortunate to have the local chapter of Therapy Dogs visit our school regularly as well as local artists.

COVID-19 Restrictions have cancelled
all Volunteers until further notice.

Mascots Grit and Hope