Report Card

Report Cards 1st - 5th Grade

1st-5th Grade Cooperation Grade

1st–5th grade will be graded on their willingness to cooperate. Students will receive a 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Some examples of cooperation I look for are; putting forth a good effort, wearing clothing that allows them to be safe and functional, try the activities I have planned for them on that given day, show good sportsmanship, be a good listener, use teamwork, be safe, follow the rules and have a good attitude.  

4th - 5th Grade Fitness-Gram 

1st–5th grade will be exposed to different fitness test known as the “Fitness-Gram” but only 4th & 5th graders will record their best scores on their report card.  The 20 meter pacer run is one of four tests that are practiced.  The students best pacer score result for the trimester will be entered on their report card and their is no grade attached to this number.  It is just meant to be information on how your child did. 4th and 5th graders will have their pacer score recorded to show how many laps they were able to complete before they got too tired to continue the 20 meter pacer test successfully. There are charts to inform the test subject of how they did but unfortunately they do not translate unless you factor in the BMI (Body Mass Index) into the equation. Since we do not do BMI at this time here at Greywolf, I can’t accurately inform you of their aerobic capacity. But at this age I thought it more important to use the information or number as a conversational piece to create dialogue between you and your child about goal setting, fitness, and/or ways to improve their performance. I can say from my own experiences of watching hundreds of students do the test I think my ball park estimate would be if your child got somewhere around 20-35 they are in a good health zone. If they get over 35, they are in a high health zone. If they are scoring very low, I would encourage you to examine your child’s individual characteristics and ask yourself if there could be any changes to benefit your child’s health.

 5th Grade CBA Test
5th grade students will take two different Classroom Based Assessment "CBA" tests and the results will be shown on their report card.  The Fitness CBA is more fitness knowledge oriented and is a multiple-choice and short answer question test. If the student gets 33-37 correct they will receive a "4" on the report card; If they get 26-32 correct they will receive a "3"; if they get 17-25 they will receive a 2 and less then 17 points will be a 1. 
The other deals with health concepts more precisely the negative effects of second hand smoke and is a combination of gathering information, organizing the data and making a poster that show the negative effects of second hand smoke. If the student gets 17-20 correct they will receive a "4" on the report card; If the get 14-16 correct they will receive a "3" and if the get 13 and below they will receive a 2.