Physical Education Philosophy

Physical Education Philosophy

The main focus in physical education Kindergarten through 5th grade here at Greywolf will be on the students physical, intellectual, social and emotional wellness.


Physical Wellness Element

·To enjoy exercise and be excited by it.

·To provide fun, physical activities and games that expose the students to an array of sport skills and life long physicalactivities.
·A sample of many of the games or activities students have done in the past are as follows: frisbee-golf, soccer, bocce ball,team-handball, floor-hockey, bowling,basketball, mini-golf,cooperative-games,kickball, dodge ball,jump-roping,tag-games, horse-shoes,scatter dance,fitness circuit, chessandfitness testing.
Intellectual Wellness Element

This element of wellness is more gird to the 3rd, 4th & 5th graders

·To understand the skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems of the body.

·To understand thefive most commonfitness components.
·To understand different goal setting and problem solving strategies.

 ·To understand nutritional labels and makehealthy food choices.

Social WellnessElement

·To work in small groups.

·To communicate their thoughts and needs in a positive and friendly way.

·To play cooperative games where the main focus of the activity is to work and communicate as a team versus an individual.


Emotional Wellness Element

·For students to feel good about their performances in gym class.

·To expose students to a setting where trying your hardest is as good as completing the task.
“It is important for students to be aware that they will not win the game or the league championships or come in first place the majority of the time.But instead know
that trying your best is the pathway
which leads to success.”

Doug Hastings